Elite Reps

Elite Reps Website Logo draft PlyoCity and all of our staff would like to congratulate nine players who have recently achieved the Silver level of Elite Reps. These athletes have worked hard over many Saturdays to improve skills and gain a competitive edge.

The athletes who have achieved the Silver level are:

Ashley Grothaus

Ashley Grothaus

Cassidy Bloethner

Cassidy Bloethner

Ella Baer 13 Navy

Ella Baer

Sarah Becker 15 Orange

Sarah Becker

Hope Evans 16 Navy

Hope Evans

Natalie Ritter

Natalie Ritter

Isabelle Ehrlich 13 Navy

Isabelle Ehrlich

Jessie Lucido - 16 Navy

Jessie Lucido

Kylee Kinnet - 16 Nav

Kylee Kinnet


To stay competitive in club and high school volleyball programs, players must constantly work on both skills and athleticism.

PlyoCity’s speed and agility training has been the premier speed and agility program in the St. Louis area for over a decade. It has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way for players to increase athleticism, including speed, explosiveness and verticals.

Elite Reps is another tool for area players to improve skills. Regular repetitions, or reps, is one key way for elite athletes to improve and refine skills.  The program, which is only available at PlyoCity, is designed exclusively for volleyball players to refine skills by getting extra reps and additional touches on the ball outside of their regular practices and competition.

Congratulations to these athletes who have dedicated significant time and energy outside of practice and competition at Elite Reps. Now that they have surpassed the Silver level with 2,000 reps,  they are now focused on the Gold level of 5,000 reps.


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