As crazy as this may sound, the PlyoCity workout got somehow better and harder this year and paid off even more dividends. I’ve got all kinds of people who have been watching me play on this tour since 1979/80 telling me that I look like I’m jumping as effortlessly and as explosively as 10 years ago. So this is just an incredible workout. I feel like Ponce De Leon finding the Fountain of Youth here and I can’t recommend the Mike Rangel PlyoCity workout program enough. It’s been awesome and I think it’ll really help any athlete get to be more explosive, quicker, better conditioned and perform better at what he or she wants to do.

I enjoy the results. I feel like I’ve been able to turn back the clock. I jump higher. I’m stronger and I’m quicker than I was a year ago. I’m always looking to add things to the workout regimen. This seems to be paying the results.

Coach Rangel’s Plyo Program was the main reason I extended my stay here in Southern California during the NBA lockout. My foot speed and jumping ability (5 inch increase in 2 months) were greatly enhanced and I look forward to training with Coach Rangel again after the upcoming NBA season.

The PlyoCity training has been great.  It was very challenging – but not overwhelming – and the kids really seemed to have fun.  They got a great workout, but I don’t think the kids felt like they were working out. What was also impressive was that they had the younger kids working out side-by-side with experienced high school kids.  You could easily pick up which drills were aimed at foot speed, agility, explosiveness, jumping, ACL injury prevention, etc.  It was very impressive and it moved very quickly

The PlyoCity workout is one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to get started again this season. PlyoCity has helped me to be the best, the quickest and the best conditioned volleyball player I can be.

As crazy as this may sound, I saw a difference in my daughter’s foot speed and quickness after one session at PlyoCity. I myself train at PlyoCity with my daughters. I only wish a program like this was available when I played college and pro football.

One major change I made to our program was hiring PlyoCity to work with our team full time.  I saw improvements that directly related to our team winning the conference tournament, as well as garnishing individual team awards, such as conference tournament MVP, NCAA third team All-American and five players that received AVCA regional honors.  The staff at PlyoCity is knowledgeable, professional, and wonderful to work with.  I credit them with helping my players become better athletes and look forward to working with them in the future.

My wife and I checked out the 4 or 5 best Plyo Programs in Southern California including Intense City and Fast Twitch. Conclusion, we now drive twice a week from Glendora, 60 miles away, to train at PlyoCity. I have never seen a program designed to enhance an athlete’s foot speed, jumping ability and quickness like PlyoCity. Coach Rangel’s ability to connect with athletes is a rare gift. I have three sons that have received Division 1 scholarships and I believe with PlyoCity’s help, it will be four out of four.

On behalf of PlyoCity; I’ve been in 2 Olympics, I’ve played 5 years professionally indoors/overseas and now just a couple of years playing beach volleyball and I’ve done all kinds of workouts from all kinds of coaches and the PlyoCity workout I do with Mike Rangel on the beach along with Karch is hands down the best workout I’ve ever done. This season I was in better shape than I’ve ever been before. I was stronger, more explosive and quicker than I’ve ever been before and it made me just feel like the most in-shape player on the tour next to Karch. One of the great things I like about this workout is that you work really hard and you get strong and it pushes you without breaking you. You don’t have sore knees or a sore back or anything. You just work really hard and it comes back to really help you. PlyoCity has definitely made me have that extra edge to win tournaments and be a champion.

My teams have been utilizing the PlyoCity workout the last 6 seasons. In my opinion PlyoCity has been a major factor in our success and during our state tournament each season we are simply quicker, faster and in better condition than any team we face.