1. What are Plyometrics?
Plyometrics’ Latin origin means “measurable increases”. Plyometrics, a series of hops, skips, jumps, foot movements and other exercises designed to strengthen specific muscles, increase balance, and flexibility, originated in Europe (Russia). 

“I have personally trained over 15,000 athletes the past five years and I guarantee you as a parent nothing your son or daughter ever does as an athlete will improve their foot speed, quickness, explosiveness and vertical jump like plyometrics.” 

–Mike Rangel

2. What are the age limits for plyometrics?
Ages 8-40+. Plyometrics under trained instructors is suitable for athletics beginning at age 8. Since PlyoCity’s training program uses the athlete’s own body weight, the impact and stress on the athlete is lower than training programs using weights and other equipment.  Low impact workouts are especially important for younger athletes. For older athletes, low impact workouts make long term training possible.

Each athlete should use common sense and if there are any health issues or concerns, coordinate with his or her doctor before participating any physically demanding activity, including sports and plyometric training. 

3. How long should my son or daughter train with PlyoCity?
A professional plyometrics program should become a year round training support system.

4. How often should my son or daughter train with PlyoCity?
Off season 2 -3 times per week. Pre-season 2 times per week. In season 1 time per week. Please note all athletes need 48 hours rest in between each PlyoCity workout.

5. Can an athlete plyo and then go to practice or practice and then plyo?
Absolutely. In fact many of players have commented that their best practices are after they plyo first.

6. How does PlyoCity compare to other acceleration programs? 
PlyoCity strives to keep our program affordable for everyone.  Team training costs vary depending on the number of athletes training per session.  Individuals may train with other teams or as a part of a program like open gym.  Typically team rates range from $4 to $6 per session, or $35 to $50 per month, per athlete. PlyoCity is most popular for their MOBILE training (We come to you).

Typical Acceleration Programs: Minimum Commitment: $400.00 for six week program at two-three sessions per week. Averages over $30 per session. 

PlyoCity rates are far lower than area acceleration programs!

7. Can plyometrics help prevent injuries?
Over the past 8 years PlyoCity has trained sons and daughters of many orthopedic surgeons. The feedback from these doctors is that the PlyoCity mat drills are excellent for developing strength in the knee area and thus help to reduce knee injuries (ACL, MCL etc).

8. Does PlyoCity offer discounts for 2nd and 3rd athletes from the same family?
Yes. Call (314) 518-5086 for discount details.

9. Is the PlyoCity workout suitable for adults?
Yes, we are proud to say we currently train adults who are in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  Many adults train with PlyoCity to improve their own performance for sports like tennis, snow skiing and racquetball and to improve conditioning and flexibility. Not only do they like the intensity of the program, parents enjoy training with their children.

10. What do I wear and bring to do plyometrics ?
Wear comfortable athletic shorts, T-Shirts and Sport Shoes (Basketball, Volleyball, cross trainers etc.) and don’t forget to bring a water bottle.

11. May I start training with PlyoCity at any time of the month?
Yes.  We have new athletes start daily.

12. How do I get started?
We are so convinced you’ll enjoy the workout, we invite you to try it for free. Call 636-386-6500 and leave a message.  We’ll get back to you with available training times. Once you decide to continue, you can pay online or at the training site.

13. Do you take credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

14. What if my son or daughter gets sick or misses a session of training?
We track your sessions purchased and used. Any session missed will be banked for future training. All sessions are banked for one calendar year.

15. When is the training fee charged to my credit card?
Parents that pay via credit card will be charged as soon as the registration is received for the full amount of the program term.

16. Will the program advance as my son/daughter trains and gets stronger?
Yes. The program is designed with multiple levels. Each athlete will begin at a level designed for their particular level of athleticism at the beginning. As they grow stronger and comfortable with the program, they will move up in intensity approximately every 2-4 weeks.