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Plyometrics is defined as exercises that enable a muscle to reach maximum strength in as short a time as possible. This speed-strength ability is known as power,” says plyo expert D. Chu.

Team practice alone is no longer enough to develop the necessary skills to be successful in today’s Junior, Senior, High or College Sports Programs. You need to exceed what is required from yourself to rise above the competition, and improve your overall game. The few that are able to do this are usually the ones who will advance to the next level.


News & Updates

04 Nov

New Program: Friday Night Fundamentals

Friday Night Training is now Friday Night Fundamentals! Starting December 6th, Friday Night Fundamentals will offer players an opportunity to build and reinforce a solid foundation of fundamental skills to…

05 Nov

New Elite Training Team Annouced

PlyoCity is pleased to announce an alternative to the cost and commitment of an entire club volleyball season call the Elite Training Team. Designed for competitive high school players, the…